Umeå Hackerspace featured on Infotech Umeå

[caption id="attachment_182" align="alignright" width="300" caption="MMN-o and pettter. Photo: Mikael Hansson/Infotech Umeå"][/caption]

With a Grill-bit delegation having visited 27c3, meeting hackers from all over the world, the local technology internet magazine InfoTech Umeå wanted an interview.

The article produced is in Swedish and rather lightly informs of the general hacker mindset. It also speaks briefly of our engagement in internet activism (such as Telecomix) for a more open and democratic society, which was a common interest with and subject of talks at the CCC.

The point is also made that we're doing it ("being hackers" as the author Mikael Hansson writes) not only because it's important but also because it's fun. A perfect combination of interest.