How can you hack e-waste?

This weekend - on Sunday at 13.00 CET - we're having a workshop in the hackerspace! The workshop is a three-parter and organized by Brian Oko, a student at the Umeå Institute of Design, and will explore what one can do with e-waste. The three sessions are separating, fixing and repurposing.

The workshop will have two followup sessions, one being the following tuesday (March 6th, sometime after 18.30) and one on Saturday (March 10th, around 13.00). The facilities will be open for anyone to come join during these hours - if we're out of e-waste you can still just hang around or join in other ways. If you know you'll come by, please mark it with a signature of interest at this Doodle calendar or post a comment below.

The hackerspace is in the cellar of Fabriksgatan 8b in Umeå, marked with a sign that (among other things) says Umeå Hackerspace.

If you think this sounds interesting, please let us know (or to Brian directly) and there may very well be followup workshops with a greater advance on the invitation!