Hacknight for Jingle/WebRTC to GNU Social

Hi hackers in the vicinity of Umeå! Prepare for a hacknight next Thursday (2013-07-18)! We'll meet at the hackerspace at 17:00 (CET) to setup laptops (and pizza-secure them) after which we'll start consuming these extra calories and hack away with GNU Social, prosody and various binding technology.

GNU Social is a federating social software under a free open source license. It is based heavily on StatusNet, which we had hacknights for last year. The hacknights are sponsored by a project that has received funding by Internetfonden (which is run by IIS/.SE).

This year we're going to make sure there is the possibility to achieve audio and video calls through the browser for GNU Social users using WebRTC. But we're not stopping there, our goal is to over the course of this year extend it to also supporting audio and video calls to federating XMPP users through the Jingle extension.

There's a good chance we will also integrate everything into Mozilla's Social API, giving any Firefox/Iceweasel user a neat sidebar running inside the browser with awesome realtime communication features.