Tuesday Roundup

Biggest news this week: we held a cryptoparty at Polkon14 (the Swedish Pirate Party's northern division's conference weekend)! Activities included setting up Thunderbird with GPG (via Enigmail), getting  most of the pirates present on the instant messaging protocol XMPP (since PP already has servers for it) and learning how to use TrueCrypt.

In other news spacebot has been fixed. There was a problem where it would not report status changes to the open sign on all IRC channels, as well as not responding to requests on IRC about the current status of the sign ("\<someperson> spacebot: open?"). There is now also a web service that interested parties can poll for current sign status at http://umeahackerspace.se:12345/opensign. Possible states are "unknown", "open", "lunch" and "closed". This has also been linked in the left sidebar.