Is the space open right now?

Umeå Hackerspace is closed.

Normal opening hours are:

Remember to check the open status indicator here on the website before dropping by, since it's not guaranteed that anyone has arrived yet. Or just ask on IRC/XMPP.

We are also listed on spaceapi, which has phone apps available. Just search for "spaceapi" wherever you get your apps, install any one you like, then search for "Umeå Hackerspace".

Articles tagged with bootloader

  1. Bus Pirate saves the day! (proxmark3 jtag flashing)

    By mmn

    [caption id="attachment_461" align="alignright" width="300"]Proxmark 3 from top Proxmark3, generally used for wireless snooping of NFC/Mifare communication[/caption]

    After clumsily bricking the Proxmark3 bootrom (i.e. the device's bootloader for the AT91SAM7S256 ARM cpu), I was looking for a way to recover the device. The documented procedure in the firmware …