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The idea is to make smarter rack. This has evolved from the Recluster project. One of the main problems with traditional rack design is that over about 10kW the amount of heat to transport away is starting to get difficult. This design dows away with that constraint by using heatpipes from each blade to an encapsulated water loop. Power distribution and ups is also a big problem/cost and this solution uses standard 12V lead-acid batteries for each rack. I use 2x12V as power distribution in the back, and 45A Anderson power pole connectors on each blade.

With standard dual cpu servers about 300W per node is used, each row can fit 12 nodes, so 3600W per row. about 6 rows for 240 cm height. 21600 W per rack. And these are a little more than 60 cm deep and 2 can be placed back to back for 43200 Watt and 144 nodes. On 60x120 cm floorspace.